I am extremely excited to be performing at the Heilani Annual Luau Fundraiser Showcase, as this will be my first public performance of the traditional Hawaiian, Samoan and Tahitian dance items with my new founded ‘Heilani Ohana’.

Many of my Polynesian family-friends are going to be watching, so I hope I make them proud by performing the actions correctly and singing the songs properly.

I am also very proud to be performing and representing the Heilani Dance Company on stage.

A big thank you to Lelani and Heimana Tahiata who continue the tradition of passing on their passion and knowledge of the Polynesian culture to a newcomer like me!”


- Nadia Roosens, Pacific Beau-tea Brand Ambassador.

EVENT: Heilani Annual Luau Fundraiser Showcase

Imagine, a stage lit with striking red Hawaiian pa’u skirts, stunningly decorated Tahitian headpieces, the glow of the beautiful Pacific Island smiles.

On Saturday 16th January 2016, the Heilani Polynesian School of Arts will host their Annual Luau Fundraiser Showcase at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre.

It’ll be a magical night not to be missed. The talented dancers have worked hard all year to perform an array of Polynesian dance styles ranging from Hawaiian and Samoan to Tahitian and Maori. Their goal is simple. To provide an inspiring performance of Polynesian entertainment for family, friends and the general public, as well as raising funds towards the Heilani Polynesian School of Arts.

In the true, friendly spirit of the Pacific Island community, every ticket purchased will also go in the draw to win a trip to Hawaii!

And if that isn’t enough, our very own Pacific Beau-tea Brand Ambassador, Nadia Roosens will also be performing, so let’s all go out and support her!

TICKETS: If you would like to purchase a ticket for $30 or learn more, please feel free to Lelani/Heimana Tahiata on 0414 768 593 or at info@heilani.com

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Heilani Productions is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive Polynesian Dance School and Polynesian Entertainment Production Company. Established in Brisbane in 2005 by Heimana and Lelani Tahiata, Heilani Polynesian School of Arts & Heilani Production Company take pride in teaching authentic Polynesian dance and culture while also maintaining the highest level of entertainment.