BEVERAGE: You, Me & Hawaii Organic Iced Tea


2-3 x heaped teaspoons of YOU, ME & HAWAII
1 x teapot
1 x 250mL glass filled with ice cubes
1 x measuring cup
1 x 150mL of boiling water 


  1. Boil approximately 1 Litre of water and warm up the teapot with the hot water. This will allow the tea to infuse more efficiently.
  2. Wait 20 seconds before tipping out the remaining water from the teapot.
  3. Scoop 2-3 x heaped teaspoons of YOU, ME & HAWAII into the teapot.
  4. Pour approximately 150mL of boiling water into the teapot and wait 8-10mins for the tea to infuse.
  5. Fill a 250mL glass to the top with ice cubes.
  6. After 8-10 mins has passed, pour the hot tea over the ice cubes.
  7. Enjoy your freshly made organic, iced tea!