DESTINATION: Savo Volcanic Island, Solomon Islands


- Hiking on the volcano tour through wide, dry riverbeds where lava once flowed.
- Clambering through the slippery slopes and areas of untouched rainforests.
- Cooking an egg in the boiling hot water volcano springs.
- Searching for megapode bird eggs at 6am in the morning.
- Chasing a large pod of dolphins feeding and playing across the bay.
- Deep sea fishing against the Savo sunsets.
- Feasting on an array of local dishes for dinner featuring beef, chicken, fish and local vegetables.
- Watching the traditional custom dance and singing performances at night.
- Relaxing underneath the stars on a straw mat by the bonfire.

STAY: Savo Sunset Lodge, western side of Savo.

TRAVEL: Land and outboard canoe departs from Honiara or Vila (approximately 45 mins drive from Honiara). The boat ride is shortened if you opt to depart from Vila before boarding. 

COST: Approximately SBD $300/day including meals.
BOOK: At SI Visitors Bureau.