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Oh, my, tea! I'll take one of each, thank you! Find your exotic slice of paradise in every Pacific Tea blend. Irresistibly tea-licious, organic and raw. Whisk me back to that perfect island escape...

  • More Signature Collection Gift Sample Pack (120g)

    Signature Collection Gift Sample Pack (120g)

    Price From: A$40.00

    Try them all! Great as a Gift Sample Pack for someone special or for yourself! Receive 20g of each blend from the Signature Collection (120g in total).

    Signature Blends include: Island Breakfast, Local Hideaway, Savo, Mango Marley, You Me & Hawaii and Isla De Coco.

  • More Tropicana Collection Sample Pack (120g)

    Tropicana Collection Sample Pack (120g)

    Price From: A$40.00

    Try them all! Great as a Gift Sample Pack for someone special or for yourself! Receive 20g of each blend from the Tropicana Collection (120g in total).

    In Love With The Coco, Sunset Warrior, Tamure Nights, Golden West, Rise & Spice and Chill With Me.

  • More Tamure Nights

    Tamure Nights

    Price From: A$7.00

    Setting hearts on fire with this Tamure dance of passion. A red, berry tea sure to ignite the senses with tangy notes of raspberry, rosehip, hibiscus and blackberry leaves.

  • More Golden West

    Golden West

    Price From: A$7.00

    Inspired by a golden afternoon in the Solomon western province, the low-acid blend of pear, coconut and ginger, tops any day with notes of pineapple, marigold and hibiscus.

  • More Savo


    Price From: A$7.00

    Dreamy sensations of cocoa husks, coconut, carob and vanilla, reminiscent of the earthy, bold and rich volcanic scenery of the Solomon's Savo island.

  • More Mango Marley

    Mango Marley

    Price From: A$7.00

    No marley, no cry.... A tribute green tea to the iconic Marley movement, married with notes of mango, sweet spearmint and liquorice-magnificence.

  • More In Love With The Coco

    In Love With The Coco

    Price From: A$7.00

    The essence of the islands. A smooth, warming harmony of coconut, pineapple and banana to whisk even the most dicerning wanderlust traveller away ...

  • More Rise and Spice

    Rise and Spice

    Price From: A$7.00

    Rise and spice my island lovers! Here's your morning injection of citrus and ginger, sprinkles of coconut and currants, adorned with a lei of marigold petals. (For New Zealand customers, it is advisable not to order this product as it has been known to be confiscated by New Zealand customs agents due to the citrus slices in the blend.)

  • More Isla De Coco

    Isla De Coco

    Price From: A$7.00

    Live life a little less ordinary with a grounding melody of coco-cocoa, vanilla perfection. This caffeine-free herbal blend entices with 'natural-sugar, spice and everything nice'.

  • More Chill With Me

    Chill With Me

    Price From: A$7.00

    This ravishing, peppermint breeze could simmer even the most passionate of summer flings. Perfectly brewed hot or iced, notes of lemon grass, lemon myrtle and hibiscus offers an exotic consolation.

  • More Sunset Warrior

    Sunset Warrior

    Price From: A$7.00

    Mmm... Sunset sailing across the pacific on a local canoe...
    An organic, candied mocktail of hibiscus, strawberry, rosehip and banana to dominate the iced tea game like a true warrior.

  • More You, Me & Hawaii

    You, Me & Hawaii

    Price From: A$7.00

    A heavenly, fruity blessing of mango, pineapple and watermelon, adorned with a lei of sunflower petals and Aloha-Hawaiian spirit.

  • More Island Breakfast

    Island Breakfast

    Price From: A$7.00

    A breakfast favourite with an island, cocoa twist. This delectable black tea also features a warming infusion of barley malt, carob, chicory and vanilla.

  • More Local Hideaway

    Local Hideaway

    Price From: A$7.00

    Take me back to the summer of enveloping coconut trees on roads less travelled. Lingering notes of coconut, carob, liquorice and vanilla remind of days better spent.