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I envisioned a time, when life was raw, simple and honest.
A style of living, occasionally savoured by the wanderlust adventurer.
But what if, we were able to capture this experience and share it with the world?

Alas, Pacific Tea was born.

It's simple.

Home is where the heart lies. And when that home happens to lie in our island blends, we are essentially presenting you with a piece of our heart.

At Pacific Tea, we source the finest, organic ingredients from exotic islands around the world. Our creations, inspired by our childhood experiences in the lush, tropical escapes of the Solomon Islands.

Because we wanted each creation to embody the ethos of organic, healthy living. If you're the kind of person who has places to go, people to meet and struggles to find that balance, we totally understand your frustrations! Our daily routines seem to be speeding up exponentially, and it only seems natural we find a way to slow...down...island style. The Pacific Tea-m is here to help!

We've also made it our island crusade to promote the three ethnogeographic groups of Pacific Islanders (Melanesians, Polynesians and Micronesians), in a positive and inspiring light. It's been a calling. It's about the people. We're so passionate to showcase and collaborate with the amazing artists and individuals these islands have to offer.

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